Welcome to the online portfolio of Earl Hallman III. Sadly you've reached my site in the midst of some design overhauls, however you can still browse my portfolio...

Except I have some more bad news for you. I've been trapped at a financial services firm for the past few years which means unless you want to see some awesome use of guides and the typographic variations of garamond and helvetica you are going to have to settle for my college portfolio. Now don't take that the wrong way with all the humbleness in the world I can safely say that my brilliance does indeed shine even within the confines of the financial services industry, it was just that well I was a much brighter and if I do say so myself, a prettier glow of genius in college.

Well this has been fun. Drop me a line sometime and we can talk, for a graphic designer I can be rather amusing with some of my stories...for instance do you know anyone who has artificially bred a horse? Well you do now.

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